BENZYLPENICILLIN/COOPER contains benzylpenicillin sodium, also known as penicillin G. Benzylpenicillin sodium is one of a group of medicines known as penicillins, which are antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to kill the bacteria (germs) which cause infections.

Benzylpenicillin sodium is used to treat infections of the:

  • ear
  • heart
  • nose
  • bones
  • throat
  • skin
  • chest

It may also be used to treat:

  • some sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhoea and syphilis)
  • meningitis
  • brain abscesses
  • gangrene (decay and death of tissue due to lack of blood supply)
  • blood infections
  • anthrax (an infection from animals)
  • tetanus
  • diphtheria (acute infections/disease of the respiratory tract)
  • listeria (a type of food poisoning)
  • leptospirosis (an infection from animals)
  • pasteurellosis (an infection following animal bites)
  • severe Lyme disease (an infection from tick bites)
  • actinomycosis (an infection caused by trauma/surgery)
  • some infections caused by rat bites.

Benzylpenicillin sodium is also used for the prevention of infection in newborn babies (specifically group B streptococcal infection).